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October, 2016

19-26 October,
Duesseldorf - Germany
Hall 4, Stand A43


DeCoSystem will take part to K-2016


HIGHLIGHTS of the show:

Print inspection MACHINE for plastic bottles.
NEW CONCEPT OF PRINT INSPECTION Multiplus is the 100% universal quality control module for plastic bottles. The system can be used as a stand alone off-line inspection machine or it can be installed at the end of the printing line.

Digital Print inspection system for labels
Sentinel Mscan is the new prototype based on matrix camera.
This new technologie guarantees high performances and low price.


Surface inspection on different materials
New software release with many new software features.


QVISION - CAP Inspector
specific controls on plastic closures
Caps inspector can detect all typical defects of plastic closure production.
Standard modules are available for inspection of flat caps, sport caps, closures with Liner and Wad. 


SPECTRO (tubes)
Print inspection system for plastic tubes.

New software release with the following new features:
- New GUI with easy access to dieffent display modes
- Double monitor option with full image display and zoom
- PDF comparison
- New job report and statistical data database

Spectro is easy to use: the setup of a new job can be done in less than one minute.