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March, 2021

DeCoSystem and Odesyo announce their technology partnership

This technology partnership allows the control of printing defects and the spectral measurement of the color, simultaneously and automatically, on the entire web width and on 100% of the production.
It is a world premiere.

The French company Odesyo and the Italian enterprise DeCoSystem have just signed a technology partnership to offer their customers an all-in-one configuration that integrates their two flagship products – Smijet® and Sentinel.
Through a single interface, this innovation is designed to simplify commissioning and centralize the flow of digital data, both inbound and outbound, via a single dashboard. It offers printers an efficient and comprehensive solution that meets the industry’s requirements for fast makeready and production quality. This is the first time that print defects and spectral color measurement can be automatically controlled over 100% of the production, at running speed, through a single configuration.

Dominique Martin, CEO of Odesyo, explains: “This unique solution meets the needs of our customers for faster and high-quality production in both small and large production runs, while reducing costs and waste.

Attitional information about Smijet