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April, 2022

DeCoSystem Cloud

Control your data wherever you are

With Global production Report it is possible to have a fast overviw of the production status:

- All production data for the last 24 hours are shown in one page
- Complete data: defect, warning, good, total controls and Parts Per Hour
- Current state of each machine: Starting/Live view/Setup/Running/Paused/Stopped
- Immediate feedback thanks to pie-charts and colored frames

Global Production Report -1
Production data can be analyzed with fine details:
- It is possible to select the detailed report of each single hour
- Possibility to export the graph in a *.pdf file
- Immediate feedback of machine status, thanks to the status graphs

Global Production Report -2

More details of software status:
- Data relative to any system, any time period, any job
- Possibility to switch among different visualizations

Global Production Report -3

All defects of a job in one page:
- Region with more defects are highlighted
- Number of bad controls for each region
- Number and description of each error type
- Error type ditribution
- Click on defect to toggle and switch between master and defect-
- Defect History relative to any system, any time period, any job, any reel and lane you want!

Global Production Report -4

Easy way to:
- See and modify report data
- Add and remove user 
- Set production shifts
- Set production scrap threshold with email notification
- Set sensitivity threshold with email notification

Global Production Report -5

Service features:
- monitoring computer and camera temperature
- status of the PC
- LED life time