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April, 2015

CRIBIS D&B recognizes to DeCoSystem the highest level of assessment of the financial reliability.


CRIBIS D&B , a company that specializes in providing business information on Italian and foreign companies, has awarded DeCoSystem the D&B Rating 1, giving it the highest level of reliability as a counterpart of a commercial transaction BtoB .
The D&B Rating 1 is a recognition of great value as each year is awarded to less than 6% of the more than 5 million Italian companies. It's a synthetic indicator that measures the likelihood that a company generate serious unresolved business. For the calculation uses a number of variables, including demographic information, indices and budgetary data, seniority, payment experiences, the presence of negative information.
The "D&B Rating 1" is the highest level of assessment of the financial reliability and therefore the reliability of commercial organization and is issued solely to companies that show high reliability and viability are virtuous in payments to suppliers.