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Scandiff2 is an off-line digital media comparison system. The system manages all common digital image file formats and is able to acquire image data from dedicated acquisition devices as well.

Scandiff2 is mostly used in the different phases of the pre-press document processing:

  • incoming customer PDF reference files can be matched against the pre-press processing result PDF document (PDF to PDF comparison);

  • the pre-press processing result PDF document can be matched against the first printed samples during machine set-up (PDF to acquisition comparison);

  • during production Scandiff2 proofs the production result by comparing the acquired image against the reference PDF (PDF to acquisition comparison);

  • once the machine set up has been completed, it is possible to acquire a “good” printed sample as reference, and use the Scandiff2 to proof acquired samples against the reference (acquisition to acquisition comparison);

  • during production it is possible to compare acquired samples against a reference coming from the customer, independently on the file format of the reference (BMP, PDF, physical sample to acquisition comparison).

The high working resolution guarantees very accurate control results.



Technical Features

Scandiff 2 has a renew operator interface with very intuitive procedures. Standard features are:

  • Filtering and stretching algorithm on the image to compensate the differences between digital file and real print

  • Easy alignment between master and inspected image

  • Adjustable and configurable tolerances

  • Quick zoom function with possibility to accept defects

  • Automatic storing of each job

  • Resolution configurable up to 1200 dpi

  • Control of each figure within the printing format

  • Great reliability in the detection

  • Possibility to use Scandiff with a remote station

  • Report and certification of the control

  • L*a*b colour measurement function for colour comparison

  • Windows Seven-64bit operating system