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Condor-PLUS is a 100% real-time inspection system dedicated to the control the printing quality of cosmetic bottles

Condor Plus-Glass system is an inspection system to be installed on a conveyor already present in the production line.


Flexibility on activate-deactivate cameras

The full version of CONDOR is equipped with 6 camera but it is possible to use a less number of cameras depending on the inspection needs.
During a new product setup it is possible to select the cameras that we want to use.


Speed performance of the system depends on the dimension of the bottles. Bottles must be separated on the belt. Maximum belt speed is 25 m/min. Maximum cadence is 100 pieces/minutes


The access to the cameras is guaranteed thanks to two doors, one in the front and one in the back.
The high of the system depends on the high of the conveyor belt and it is configurable in a range of 900mm-1100mm.

Mechanical components

Mechanical components are assembled into the mechanical frame.


If the diameter of the object changes between two different productions a calibration with a hardware adjustment is necessary. In order to maintain the same distance between the camera unit (camera and light) and the piece the system is equipped with a 7 linear guides with display of position. With each linear guide it is possible to adjust the position of one couple of cameras for the side inspection.

Adjustment of the camera high

The background of the bottle must be uniform. For this reason backlight is required. Because the geometry of the camera field of view is triangular it is clear that we have to exclude from the control one part of the bottle. In case of 120mm bottle it is not possible to inspect 35mm starting from the belt. If the bottle is smaller it is possible to adjust the position of the camera in order to increase the surface that can be inspected. In case of 60mm bottle we can inspect the all high.


CONDOR is dedicated to the inspection of the glass. Glass is very difficult to be illuminated. For glass bottles and also transparent bottles it is necessary to have an uniform background or a backlight on the opposite side of the camera. In front of the bottle we have a special diffuser to have a very uniform light. CONDOR is equipped with three dedicated lights tat can be switched on or switched off by software.

Backlight is installed on the back of the bottles. The color of the light can be modified inserting a colored paper in front of the diffuser. Thanks to the different colour it is possible to minimize the effect of the print that is on the back of the bottle.

Diffuse light illuminator is installed in front of the cameras.

Dark field illuminator is installed on the top of the object



The full system is composed by two camera blocks and the result of the inspection must be collected by a PLC module. This module is composed by the following:

Electric eye in front of the first camera block
Encoder card and counter device
Electrical rejection device (with rejection of good parts)
Electric eyes adjustments
Software package for the management of the results
From the PLC software is possible to set the distance between the electric eye and the other components: cameras of the master block, cameras of the slave block and rejection device. Each setting can be stored and reloaded when necessary.


CONDOR Plus Glass has a very intuitive operator interface with a fast setup and a really powerful defect detection software.

Standard features are:

All operations can be carried out using the touch screen
Easy to learn and easy to use GUI interface
Fast and automatic setup (new job can be started in 5 minutes)
Great reliability in the detection of defects
Full report and automatic storing of all production process data
Different levels of Login
Quick zoom function
Easily define different areas of job with different tolerance levels
Simple software but extremely powerful and versatile
Automatic learning
Operating in Windows 10



CONDOR is dedicated to the inspection of the glass bottles for the cosmetic industry. In any case it can be used for the inspection of any object that is transported on a conveyer belt with the same angular and transversal position.

Bottles range

Cylindrical bottles:

  • Minimum diameter 35mm
  • Maximum diameter 80mm
  • Maximum printing height 160mm

Oval bottles: Minimum length 40mm

  • Maximum length 160mm
  • Maximum printing height 160mm

Rectangular bottles: Minimum length 40mm

  • Maximum length 160mm
  • Maximum printing height 160mm





Dalsa Nano XL C4090

Field of view Matrix

200 mm

Max printing length

180 mm

Object range

Diameter 35mm – 80mm

Length 40mm-160mm

High 40mm-160mm

Cadence (max):

90 pieces/Min


0,05mm x 0,05


100% defect detection

Detectable defects:


dirt, splotches, scratches, colour lacks, wipes, colour variations, material defects, mis-registration


One the belt


With encoder

Minimum detectable defect(1) in uniform area:

0,05 mm2

(dot of 0,25mm)

Minimum detectable defect(2)in structured area:

0,15 mm2

(dot of 0,4mm)




With touch screen interface


(1) we consider a defect of 20 pixel
(2) we consider a defect of 50 pixel