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Vision Control for Aerosol Cans bottle neck

Metrum-N is the 100% quality system for the inspection of the top of the aerosol cans and aluminium drinks bottles.

The system is equipped with two digital cameras:

- The first camera inspect the top of the aerosol including the shoulder.
- The second cameras ispects the side of the neck.The camera is dedicated to the vision of the curl
beneath the edge and to the detection of scatches of the neck surface. High speed acquisitions camera can guarantee the 360 degrees inspection thanks to the rotation of the piece.

Zero Defects, increasing of productivity & waste reduction
Our experience has provided us with the knowledge and products to ensure reliable detection of defects with a full combinations of coatings, curl shapes, compound colors and designs.

Metrum-N can be installed in different position of your production line. It is possible to inspect the aerosol cans directly on the necking machine, in the conveyor belt or in the final inspection machine like a leak
detector control machine.