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Centror checks the angular and transversal position of a printing on different kind of objects and it ensures a great register precision when further printing processes are needed.


Thanks to Centror it is possible to make the pieces registration without any mechanical device.
This solution ensures the increasing of the machine productivity and the accuracy of the printing register.

Technical features
Multiple camera configurations: up to two
Possibility to integrate the Centror in the Spectro print inspection system
LED lighting system
Multiple illuminator: back light, direct light, dark field
Touch screen interface
Easy to learn and easy to use GUI interface
Fast and autom atic set up: new job can be started in a minute
Measurement with sub-pixel accuracy
Different Login levels
Operating in MS-Windows OS


CENTROR-M is dedicated to the registration of plastic tubes. The system analyzes a part of an already roughly oriented object in order to obtain the angular and longitudinal positioning with centesimal accuracy.


Products: tubes and bottles
Camera: matrix graylevel
Production speed: up to 200 pieces/min
Field of view: up to 40mmx30mm
Correction: Angularl and transversal
Range of correction: +/-3mm
Resolution: better than 0,03mm
Angular accuracy: +/- 0,01mm


Centror-M360 analyzes the top or bottom surface of the object to perform a real time orientation. The system ensures a perfect register on plastic and glass bottles, mascaras, coins, CDs and many
other products.

Centror M

Products: mascara, jars, bottles and others
Camera: matrix graylevel
Production speed: up to 200 pieces/min
Field of view: up to 150mm
Correction: Angular
Range of correction: 360 degress
Angular resolution: better than 0,5degrees
Angular accuracy: +/- 1degrees