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Print inspection with "SILVER" performances
Sentinel-Palladium is a basic quality control system for label based on linescan camera.

The system consists of two different parts: a processing unit and an image-acquisition units.


Processing unit


Dell Optiplex micro

I/O Modules

Opto-isolated modules with electronic commutation to handle the synchronism of the rejection station and of the other alarms.

Monitor Touch

Dell 22” touch


Electrical wires between the acquisition unit and the rack (5 meters)


Programmable Pulse Encoder Device


Image Acquisition Unit


Camera box

Mechanical unit containing illuminator and camera


Linescan camera dual line 2048 pixel


Professional lenses with fixed focus


Diffuse LED light illuminator





Standard Features

PALLADIUM version: linescan camera dual line 2048 pixel

LED illuminator box, stable illumination in time

Diffuse/reflective light with optimized uniform illumination all over the field of view

Field of view up to 450mm

Compensation of the film position up to +/- 5mm



Software Features

All operations can be carried out using the touch screen

Easy to learn and easy to use GUI interface

Fast and automatic set up

Great reliability in defect detection

Different display modes: defect detection and defect history

Full report and automatic storing of all production process data

Different levels of Login

Quick zoom function

Defect classification into user-defined categories.

Defect density based on user-specified criteria

Alarm on repeating defects.

Operating in Windows 10