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Scandiff-Pro is an out of line system dedicated to the comparison of printed tubes with pdf digital files.


To be sure to print the right job
Scandiff-Pro is an out of line system dedicated to the comparison between printed tubes with pdf digital files. The system is equipped with an high resolution line-scan camera for the image acquisition of cylindrical objects like tubes or sticks. New version of Scandiff2-PRO can be equipped with CIS sensor too.
Thanks to Scandiff-Pro it is possible to compare the first printing result with the pdf file provided by the customer.

No more wrong text or missing letters
The high standard resolution of 600dpi warranties very fine control results. The accuracy of the control is really amazing and it is able to detect small problem like a missing of one pharmaceutical dot.

Easy to use
The user interface is clean and easy to use. Most part of operations is done automatically by the software or the software guides the operator in order to complete the comparison procedure.

Different functionalities for different needs
Scandiff-Pro can be used at the end of the start up of the line before the beginning of the production. At this time It is possible to find out errors which come up during the processing of the plates or problems on the clichés. Scandiff–Pro helps you to find out problems before printing the entire production job.