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Print Inspection on oval and flat objects

Spectro-M is equipped with one or more matrix cameras and it is designed to inspect the print on different kind of objects.

Spectro-M guarantees a powerful combination of print quality and waste reduction. The control objectivity and accuracy improve your print quality and it ensures a production without printing defects.
On line integration allows waste reduction and real time printing process optimization. Spectro is able to prevent widespread failure and averts large quantities
of waste. The benefit results in cost reduction and improved process efficiency that drives up
profits and company reputation.

Quality is easy
Spectro-M is easy to be integrated. It can be installed into any printing production line. Light and camera box can be designed to satisfy any integration need.
Spectro-M is easy to use: the setup of a new job can be done in less than one minute.

Different configurations for different needs
The control resolution and accuracy depend on the camera model and on the camera field of view. Three different standard configurations are
available but it is possible to customize the camera integration depending on the customer needs.


Technical features

Spectro-M has a very intuitive operator interface with a fast setup and a really powerful defect detection software.

Standard features:

  • Configuration up to four cameras
  • LED lighting system for a diffuse and uniform illumination
  • Touch screen interface
  • Easy to learn and easy to use GUI
  • Fast and automatic set up
  • new job can be started in a minute
  • Possibility to define multiple inspection areas with different control tolerances
  • Great reliability in defect detection
  • Full report and automatic storing of all production process data
  • Different Login levels permission
  • Quick zoom function
  • Operating in MS-Windows OS