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Designed to be used on a printing press, Perfecto is suitable for packaging cardboard - especially pharmaceutical boxes - or ether used to control labels, patient information slips and other top-quality sheets, even printed through several processing steps.

Print quality
A 100% real time inspection system so powerful, so relentless in its defect detection, and so superior in its simplicity couldn’t be called differently than Perfecto.

Perfecto guarantees a powerful combination of print quality and waste reduction. On line integration allows waste reduction and printing process optimization. Perfecto is able to prevent widespread failure and averts large quantities of waste. The integration into a dedicated inspection machine guarantees the best quality of the final product eliminating
the defective sheets. The benefits result in cost reduction and improved process efficiency that drive profits up.

Quality is easy
Perfecto can be integrated directly on offset presses or can be installed on dedicated inspection machines. The complete production is registered into a job report document that can
be printed at the end of each production job. Perfecto is easy to use: the setup of a new job can be done in less than one minute.

Different configurations for different needs
Perfecto is equipped with one or two linescan cameras for the inspection depending on the sheet format. Perfecto-L2 is the model designed to be installed into the Folding Carton Gluing machines. Blanks such as high-quality cardboard boxes for many different types of consumer products in cigarette, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries need zero defects and high quality printing.