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Designed to be used on a printing press, Perfecto-AL is dedicated to the inspection of offset decorated metal sheets.

Print quality
A 100% real time inspection system so powerful, so relentless in its defect detection, and so
superior in its simplicity couldn’t be called differently than Perfecto .

Why to use Perfecto-METAL
Perfecto guarantees a powerful combination of print quality and waste reduction. Objectivity and
accuracy of the control improves your print quality and it ensures a production without printing defects.
On line integration allows waste reduction and real time printing process optimization. Perfecto is able
to prevent widespread failure and averts large quantities of waste. The benefits result in cost reduction and improved process efficiency that drive profits up.

Quality is easy
Perfecto-Metal is easy to be integrated. It can be installed into any printing production line.
Light and camera box can be designed to satisfy any integration need. Perfecto is easy to use:
the setup of a new job can be done in less than one minute.

Optimized technology for metal sheets
Inspection of metal sheets requires special LED lighting. Thanks to PErfecto-AL innovative illuminator it is possible to emphasize all printing defects without generating false defects due to a light reflection. The non-uniform movement on the transport belt and the imprecise positioning of metal sheets during the
inspection process are compensated by dedicated features and special algorithms.